The Sweet Rowen Mission: 

Maintain a working landscape that provides families with fresh food, supports the local economy, and upholds the ecological integrity of the environment.  


We are a grass-based, family owned & operated dairy farm located in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, about 20 miles south of the Canadian border. We milk a small herd of Vermont Heritage Lineback cattle. Our barn is situated between woodlands and several rich fields where we rotate pasture and grow & cut our own hay.

Sweet Rowen began selling milk in 2011, bottling a small volume each week at a rented facility in Albany, VT. In September of that year, the bottling room was lost in a devastating fire, forcing the farm to reconsider our options. We decided to build our own creamery on our family land, enabling us to bottle all of our milk on-site and sell it locally. The creamery opened in May of 2012 and is now cranking out small batches of creamy, non-homogenized milk and delicious artisan cheeses.