It takes a team to operate a dairy farm, and the team behind Sweet Rowen is evolving. Sweet Rowen’s story, however, starts with Paul Lisai.

Meet Paul

Paul Lisai - Founder and Owner

Sweet Rowen Farmstead is the result of years of patient apprenticeship and a great deal of hard work. I grew up in southern Vermont and was educated indoors and outdoors. After studying at Sterling College in nearby Craftsbury, I worked at dairies around the world before bringing my skills and intuition back home to Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. I am deeply dedicated to providing for my land, my animals, and my local community, which has faithfully supported me through the years.

Why start a dairy? Why not?! Dairy farming allows me to live a fulfilling life, connected to the land and animals. It combines many of my passions, like stewardship, working with my hands, eating good food, and having freedom while working for myself. Everyday there are new crises and successes and everyday I get to enjoy the NEK.

Lyddie - Working Dog