The Creamery

Our farmstead creamery operates 5+ days a week to produce gently pasteurized bottled milk and small batch artisan cheeses. Our signature products are described below, and we've got a lot of milk to play with so look out for experiments such as Eden Ice Cider washed-rind cheese, sweet cheddar, seasonally flavored farmer's cheese and much more! 

Gently Pasteurized Cream-Top Whole Milk: We pasteurize 50 gallons of milk at a time and instead of heating the milk to 161 degrees we use a lower, 145 degree temp and hold it for at least thirty minutes. This ensures gentle handling of the natural biotic environment of our milk while still meeting FDA safe food processing and handling requirements. Cream-top (or cream-line) milk has not been homogenized.  Homogenization is a high-pressure process that breaks apart the fat globules in the milk to create a uniform texture that does not separate.  There have been some studies that link milk homogenization to increased dairy sensitivity, and homogenized milk is also considered to have a less pronounced milk flavor. Non-homogenized milk will naturally separate, creating a layer of delicious cream at the top that can be reserved for coffee, spread on toast, or used to make butter.  It can be skimmed to create lowfat milk, or lightly shaken to mix before pouring. 

Farmer's Cheese: SImilar to cream cheese, but without the added cream. This fresh, tangy, spreadable cheese comes in a variety of flavors. Try Garlicky Tomato, Vermont Herb, Hot Farmer (spicy), Lightly Salted, or our award-winning Nettle.

VT Curd: Squeaky, salty, buttery chunks of fresh "cheddar'd" and milled curds are a farmstead classic. They are best eaten fresh when they still have their squeak, but as they age they become more like mild cheddar or mozzarella. They are delicious for snacking, pizza topping, grilled cheese, nachos, and of course poutine!

Storm: Soft-ripened bloomy rind cow's milk cheese similar to brie or camembert. It is soft, buttery, tangy, creamy, and luscious. Storm is a very elegant cheese to nibble on with charcuterie, crackers and your favorite local beverage.

Mountain Ash: Made in the same style as Storm but lightly dusted with a layer of fine ash for a piquant flavor. Some people are reminded of blue cheese as it suggests smoky flavors. It is not only delicious but absolutely beautiful on a cheese plate.

Cow's Milk Feta: Creamy and salty feta made with our rich cow's milk is unlike any feta you've ever topped a salad with! It's also great with eggs and pasta salads!

Solstice: A Sweet Rowen original, this basket tomme-style cheese is delicately washed with Eden Ice Cider lees (the dregs of a cider make). Aged for at least 90 days, this cheese has an initial yeasty and salty taste, with a sweet lactic finish.

Seasonal Cheeses

In addition to the cheeses you know and love year round, we also make these seasonal cheeses - check back often for availability! Our cheesemakers are continually refining new recipes to produce unique and family-friendly cheeses for any household.

Luna: A semi-soft "Geo"-ripened cheese, with an unctious texture and a hearty, umami-rich flavor profile. Aged for two weeks, with sweet floral undertones, this cheese would perfectly pair with a nice, crisp American lager.

Mountain Chaga: The latest in our line of bloomy-rinded cheeses, with a layer of chaga mushroom. Chaga is foraged from beech trees on our farm, then dried, crushed, and placed under the rind as the cheese ages. This is a firmer cheese.

Nettle: A lactic set cheese rolled in dried, crushed wood nettle. Earthy flavor with a crumbly, fresh texture. Great for salads or eating fresh!

Red Sky: A bloomy-rind cheese with a layer of paprika. A beautiful addition to any cheese platter!